Net Zero Carbon Roadmaps

Net Zero Carbon Roadmaps

 In June 2019, the UK Government made a legal commitment that the UK’s net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 will be net zero. Net zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emitted and the amount removed from the atmosphere. There are two different routes to achieving net zero, which work in tandem: reducing existing emissions and actively removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

There is a growing movement of companies and organisations which have declared their own net zero emissions’ targets – especially for carbon dioxide. Many of these have set dates prior to 2050, some even as soon as 2025.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions has many benefits as well as environmental: for example, energy efficiency measures reduce carbon dioxide emissions which in turn reduce energy use, leading to cheaper bills and increased cost-savings.

Calculating your company’s emissions and identifying corrective measures can be a complex and even baffling task for companies, especially if there’s no in-house sustainability expertise. This is where SHIFT can make the whole exercise easy for you. Using our bespoke tools and calculators, we put your operational carbon dioxide emissions under the microscope and produce a detailed road map outlining the measures necessary to achieve 2050 Net Zero compliance. For extra detail, we can also carry out EPC analysis, budget costings and if you want to understand the calculations that underpin the SAP/EPC rating, we provide RdSAP awareness training.

We carry out a comprehensive carbon impact assessment of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions across the organisation’s activities including:

  • Housing stock

  • Fleet Vehicles

  • Office buildings

  • Colleague Travel

  • Other Assets

Reasons why SHIFT can make your carbon road mapping simple:

  • Our team has over 15 years experience of calculating and reporting energy use, carbon emissions, and environmental performance, and we have developed bespoke tools for doing this efficiently and with minimum fuss.

  • We all have Chartered Environmentalist status with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) or are working towards this accreditation.

  • We have carried out environmental reporting for many other standards e.g. Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM and Heat Metering Regulations so we understand the best way to present reports and standards.

  • SHIFT is an independent company, not aligned to any commercial body. The information and advice we provide is reliable and represents the true situation.

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“A2Dominion gained valuable understanding of the organisation’s environmental performance through our latest SHIFT assessment. Areas for improvement through better practices and/or better data were made really clear and I look forward to seeing the progress in environmental performance from our next SHIFT assessment”

- A2Dominion, Sustainability Manager

“Our SHIFT accreditation recognises our work to keep homes energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. Izzy, our assessor, was a pleasure to work with – she made the process very straightforward and was very patient on our first SHIFT assessment.”

– Lynne Campbell, Bernicia

“We commissioned SHIFT to provide environmental briefings to CCHA’s Green Group, which is formed by representatives across all directorates. Richard and Sam provided engaging, informative presentations and facilitated excellent brainstorming sessions that have generated targets and actions for our forthcoming environmental strategy.”

– Jonathan Jones, Corporate Director of Property, Cardiff Community Housing Association

“We are really pleased to have achieved SHIFT Silver in Halton’s first environmental assessment. Throughout the assessment process we have been able to identify where environmental improvements should be made and Halton are looking forward to implementing the SHIFT recommendations and seeing how the business evolves to meet its sustainability ambitions.”

– Scott Murray, Director of Homes

“As well as benefitting from being a SHIFT landlord, Mosscare St Vincent have worked with SHIFT services in developing a robust and in-depth sustainability strategy. From this, we gained helpful understanding of the organisations current position, with clear SMART targets to work towards long term aims and meet sustainability ambitions.”

– Patrick McKendry, Sustainability Lead

“Thank you so much that was a really lovely engaging session which I think helped us all feel less daunted by this topic.”

– Denise Fowler, Chief Executive, Woman’s Pioneer Housing

“We have worked with SHIFT across numerous environmental projects and have been impressed with their attention to detail, technical knowledge and commitment to improving environmental performance in the social housing sector. The SHIFT assessment has also proved to be a really useful tool for us to demonstrate the challenges ahead to the wider business in an easily understandable format”

– Liz Daniels, Asset Manager

“South Liverpool Homes commissioned SHIFT to analyse the costs and interventions required to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our housing stock. We have been really impressed with the level of detail provided, but also the effective communication of the longer-term action required across both existing homes and new developments. Sam and the team really advanced our understanding of the agenda and we will enjoy working with them again.”

– Michael Gibney, Asset & Development Manager

“At St Leger, we have expanded on our knowledge of our environmental performance through our most recent SHIFT assessment. The SHIFT assessment helped to highlight areas for improvement and challenges ahead for the whole business, with clear and understandable recommendations for the future. SHIFT has been invaluable in developing and delivering our Environmental Strategy”

– Christopher Litherland, Asset Management Service Manager

“Thank you very much for this morning, it was thought provoking which is exactly what I was hoping for. I am so pleased to see you doing well and that the message is getting out there that SHIFT offers good, independent advice that our sector so desperately needs.”

– Sue Chalkley, Chief Executive, Golding Homes

“VAHT commissioned SHIFT to undertake an EPC analysis and they have provided such a useful report which will enable us to implement plans to achieve both fuel poverty and EPC C targets.”

– Karen Flanagan, Contract Surveyor

“Our recent SHIFT assessment gave us clear areas to target with relevant improvement which we believe will enhance sustainability action throughout the business. The SHIFT team were very supportive and aimed to make the process as easy as possible for us.”

– Poppy Scott, Worthing Homes

“We are delighted to retain our SHIFT Gold status as it shows our commitment to working in a sustainable way and reducing our carbon footprint is continuing to pay off. A big thank you to our Environmental Champions, other Broadland staff and Sam our SHIFT Assessor who helped to gather the information needed for the assessment.”

– Louise Archer, Executive Property Director

“We are delighted to retain our SHIFT Gold status as it shows our commitment to working in a sustainable way and reducing our carbon footprint is continuing to pay off. A big thank you to our Environmental Champions, other Broadland staff and Sam our SHIFT Assessor who helped to gather the information needed for the assessment.”

– Louise Archer, Executive Property Director