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At SHIFT, we firmly believe that applying sustainability standards to the UK’s existing building stock doesn’t mean having to choose between the bottom line, the quality of build or the planet. In our view, all three can be achieved so everyone benefits. Plus, there’s the opportunity to tackle some important societal issues at the same time, such as fuel poverty.

We combine a pragmatic understanding of our clients’ needs with a passion to protect the planet. We take delight in making our clients’ lives easier whilst also enabling them to create sustainable buildings.

We’ve been calculating and reporting on energy use and carbon emissions for over 15 years. SHIFT’s qualified and experienced staff all have Chartered Environmentalist status from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, or are studying for this accreditation.

We’re also very proud of our independence: as a company, we’re not aligned to any other corporate operation so our clients can be confident that our advice is unbiased and in their best interests.

Meet The Team

Richard Lupo

Richard Lupo

Managing Director, MIEMA, CEnv.

Richard is a Chartered Environmentalist and Full Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). He has had a life-long interest in sustainability issues. He has carried out over 50 full sustainability assessments of social landlords using the SHIFT standard. He is very proud that it is leading to significant environmental and value for money improvements.

Richard trained and qualified over 300 Code for Sustainable Homes assessors as well as trained building professionals on Housing Quality Indicators and sustainable refurbishment. He is an ESOS Lead Assessor and his key skills are calculating carbon emissions and the technical side of research. His particular expertise is developing and instigating stream-lined processes to ensure environmental effectiveness.

Richard is qualified for wellbeing assessments using the WELL AP scheme and as part of the Code for Sustainable Homes and Home Quality Mark schemes.

At Imperial College London Richard developed a waste silt recycling process, gained an MSc in Environmental Engineering and studied the impact of new regulations on hazardous waste disposal.

In his spare time, Richard researches the connections between environmental protection and meeting human needs and wellbeing.

Richard also has a degree in Metallurgy gained from the University of Nottingham. He has lived in Wales, Nottingham, Swansea, Germany, Wakefield, Teddington and Cotswolds.

Sam McConnochie

Sam McConnochie

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, AIEMA, BSc

Sam is a first-class honours graduate from the University of Loughborough. He studied Geography and developed a keen interest in, and understanding of, environmental management and sustainability.

Sam’s award-winning dissertation project used GIS analysis to identify communities that are vulnerable to increased road network flooding due to climate change pressures across the United Kingdom.

In his early professional life, Sam worked within the events industry as a production manager and enjoyed the challenge of delivering excellent service to his clients. Now working for SHIFT Environment, he is focusing on delivering SHIFT assessments and is working towards his ‘Practitioner’ professional accreditation within the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Sam is also a qualified Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician and volunteers with the Severn Area Rescue Association.

Isabel Mills

Izzy Mills

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, AIEMA, BSc

Izzy is an Associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management (IEMA) who has assessed numerous SHIFT assessments from landlords all over the country during her time so far as a SHIFT Environmental Assessor. Izzy has also carried out a range of related consultancy work, including SECR and building energy audits.

Izzy graduated from the University of Leeds with an upper 2:1 honours degree in Environmental Science. Her first class dissertation project analysed daily computer modelling of fertilising soil with organic compounds and highlighted the impacts of climate change on agriculture and food security, exploring how sustainable agriculture can be practiced. At university, Izzy was a student ambassador so helped on running open days and promoting the school to inspire younger people to get involved and to care for the environment.

Izzy has also shadowed at Stroud District Council, where she got to see the effectiveness of Stroud’s Rural Sustainable Drainage Systems (RSuDs) that were put in place to protect the homes and businesses that suffered badly from floods in 2007.

In her spare time Izzy enjoys getting out and exploring the countryside on foot or horseback, especially when it involves sightings of the local wildlife.

Isabel Mills

Katie Murray

 SHIFT Environmental Assessor, GradIEMA, MSc

Katie has developed a keen interest in the sustainable development of communities, businesses and products.

At the University of the West of England, Katie studied Environmental Management and learnt to resolve issues concerning the management of water, air quality, carbon and energy. Her first-class dissertation analysed the distribution of public trees across Bristol and assessed the potential influence of various urban form and socioeconomic conditions on current distribution. It addressed the inequalities in ecosystem service provision and offered suitable future tree planting locations.

Katie has previous experience working as a GIS practitioner and has developed a tree trail route for her local area which aimed to connect people to their local natural environment. She has contributed to the UK’s carbon sequestration from her time tree planting with Forestry England.

Katie is excited to develop and apply her skills as a SHIFT Environmental Assessor and is focused on working towards professional accreditation within the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Eoin McQuone


Corporate Partnership Programme

At SHIFT we are proud to be an IEMA corporate member. This means we have joined IEMA’s mission to transform the world to sustainability. Leading organisations such as the Environment Agency, Siemens, Skanska, Network Rail, and Rolls Royce have partnered with IEMA and developed their workforces’ productivity, resilience and growth against a backdrop of numerous sustainability and climate threats, which underpins the success of their organisation.

Within the partnership, we are able to gain support, skills and resources that help us become a forward-thinking, sustainable and competitive business. We share knowledge, learn and lead on all things environment and sustainability related, driving policy change, guidance, frameworks, and professional standards.

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Eoin McQuone

National Housing Federation

Sector Supplier

We are a National Housing Federation sector supplier. A reputable commercial partner who has expertise within the social housing space.

“A2Dominion gained valuable understanding of the organisation’s environmental performance through our latest SHIFT assessment. Areas for improvement through better practices and/or better data were made really clear and I look forward to seeing the progress in environmental performance from our next SHIFT assessment”

- A2Dominion, Sustainability Manager

“Our SHIFT accreditation recognises our work to keep homes energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. Izzy, our assessor, was a pleasure to work with – she made the process very straightforward and was very patient on our first SHIFT assessment.”

– Lynne Campbell, Bernicia

“We commissioned SHIFT to provide environmental briefings to CCHA’s Green Group, which is formed by representatives across all directorates. Richard and Sam provided engaging, informative presentations and facilitated excellent brainstorming sessions that have generated targets and actions for our forthcoming environmental strategy.”

– Jonathan Jones, Corporate Director of Property, Cardiff Community Housing Association

“We are really pleased to have achieved SHIFT Silver in Halton’s first environmental assessment. Throughout the assessment process we have been able to identify where environmental improvements should be made and Halton are looking forward to implementing the SHIFT recommendations and seeing how the business evolves to meet its sustainability ambitions.”

– Scott Murray, Director of Homes

“As well as benefitting from being a SHIFT landlord, Mosscare St Vincent have worked with SHIFT services in developing a robust and in-depth sustainability strategy. From this, we gained helpful understanding of the organisations current position, with clear SMART targets to work towards long term aims and meet sustainability ambitions.”

– Patrick McKendry, Sustainability Lead

“Thank you so much that was a really lovely engaging session which I think helped us all feel less daunted by this topic.”

– Denise Fowler, Chief Executive, Woman’s Pioneer Housing

“We have worked with SHIFT across numerous environmental projects and have been impressed with their attention to detail, technical knowledge and commitment to improving environmental performance in the social housing sector. The SHIFT assessment has also proved to be a really useful tool for us to demonstrate the challenges ahead to the wider business in an easily understandable format”

– Liz Daniels, Asset Manager

“South Liverpool Homes commissioned SHIFT to analyse the costs and interventions required to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our housing stock. We have been really impressed with the level of detail provided, but also the effective communication of the longer-term action required across both existing homes and new developments. Sam and the team really advanced our understanding of the agenda and we will enjoy working with them again.”

– Michael Gibney, Asset & Development Manager

“At St Leger, we have expanded on our knowledge of our environmental performance through our most recent SHIFT assessment. The SHIFT assessment helped to highlight areas for improvement and challenges ahead for the whole business, with clear and understandable recommendations for the future. SHIFT has been invaluable in developing and delivering our Environmental Strategy”

– Christopher Litherland, Asset Management Service Manager

“Thank you very much for this morning, it was thought provoking which is exactly what I was hoping for. I am so pleased to see you doing well and that the message is getting out there that SHIFT offers good, independent advice that our sector so desperately needs.”

– Sue Chalkley, Chief Executive, Golding Homes

“VAHT commissioned SHIFT to undertake an EPC analysis and they have provided such a useful report which will enable us to implement plans to achieve both fuel poverty and EPC C targets.”

– Karen Flanagan, Contract Surveyor

“Our recent SHIFT assessment gave us clear areas to target with relevant improvement which we believe will enhance sustainability action throughout the business. The SHIFT team were very supportive and aimed to make the process as easy as possible for us.”

– Poppy Scott, Worthing Homes

“We are delighted to retain our SHIFT Gold status as it shows our commitment to working in a sustainable way and reducing our carbon footprint is continuing to pay off. A big thank you to our Environmental Champions, other Broadland staff and Sam our SHIFT Assessor who helped to gather the information needed for the assessment.”

– Louise Archer, Executive Property Director

“We are delighted to retain our SHIFT Gold status as it shows our commitment to working in a sustainable way and reducing our carbon footprint is continuing to pay off. A big thank you to our Environmental Champions, other Broadland staff and Sam our SHIFT Assessor who helped to gather the information needed for the assessment.”

– Louise Archer, Executive Property Director