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At SHIFT, we firmly believe that applying sustainability standards to the UK’s existing building stock doesn’t mean having to choose between the bottom line, the quality of build or the planet. In our view, all three can be achieved so everyone benefits. Plus, there’s the opportunity to tackle some important societal issues at the same time, such as fuel poverty.

We combine a pragmatic understanding of our clients’ needs with a passion to protect the planet. We take delight in making our clients’ lives easier whilst also enabling them to create sustainable buildings.

We’ve been calculating and reporting on energy use and carbon emissions for over 15 years. SHIFT’s qualified and experienced staff all have Chartered Environmentalist status from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, or are studying for this accreditation.

We’re also very proud of our independence: as a company, we’re not aligned to any other corporate operation so our clients can be confident that our advice is unbiased and in their best interests.

Meet The Team

Richard Lupo

Richard Lupo

Richard Lupo, Managing Director, FIEMA, CEnv

Richard is a Chartered Environmentalist and Fellow Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).  As well as heading SHIFT services since 2009, he has also carried out countless environmental assessments for a wide range of clients.  Assessments include:

  • SHIFT assessments bespoke for UK social landlords
  • ESOS compliance – care homes, nurseries, supermarkets
  • SECR – social landlords, law firms, building firms
  • Code for Sustainable Homes assessments – home builders
  • Bespoke assessments for multiple variations of the above – all of the above!

Richard is also the author of “Happiness by numbers” which explains the science of measuring wellbeing and how to include environmental protection.  As well as giving households useful advice on making environmental improvements to homes, it is also aimed at the emerging mega-trend of measured social value / wellbeing, most immediately how to address the “S” part of ESG.  A blog on the book is here: “Happiness by numbers”

Richard trained and qualified over 300 CfSH assessors as well as training building professionals on Housing Quality Indicators and sustainable refurbishment. At Imperial College London Richard developed a waste silt recycling process, gained an MSc in Environmental Engineering and studied the impact of new regulations on hazardous waste disposal.

Isabel Mills

Annie Murray

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, MSc, BSc

Annie has an MSc in Oceanography, and also achieved a first class BSc Geography degree. She is interested in sustainability, and uses her knowledge of environmental issues to apply this to real world projects. Studying both Geography and Oceanography has equipped her with strong skills to work with a company actively fighting to protect the environment.

Annie’s passion for the environment primarily comes from learning about climate change and completing research projects and assessments on paleo-environments, which help to inform our response to present day environmental change. Annie’s key skills are:

  • Effectively communicating with different stakeholders to establish the exact requirements of an assessment
  • Planning and organising projects, with the completion of a succinct report including all relevant information
  • Use of GIS software to present population and geographical data

In a previous role, Annie worked with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust where she lent a helping hand to nature in order to preserve it for others to enjoy. Examples of tasks she completed include:

  • Helping to build new walkways in local woodland.
  • Undertook water vole survey with other volunteers.
  • Cleared invasive plant species.

Annie is actively working towards her IEMA accreditation.

Isabel Mills

Rachael Angel

SHIFT Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA)

Rachael is an Elmhurst accredited Domestic Energy Assessor driven by a deep passion for the environment, the well-being of people and helping to create sustainable and energy-efficient homes. With several years of experience across various roles, Rachael brings a rich tapestry of skills and qualities to her work. Her diverse career path has endowed her with expertise in conducting thorough domestic energy assessments, crafting detailed energy reports, and effectively liaising with clients to ensure their needs are met.

Rachael’s extensive experience includes working in Cable TV and telephony planning, customer service, contract management, NHS, Counselling and environmental consulting. Each of these roles has honed her ability to communicate complex information clearly, manage projects efficiently, and foster strong client relationships. Her attention to detail and commitment to sustainability shine through in every project she undertakes.

Outside of work, Rachael is a lover of the outdoors. She finds joy in gardening, exploring wildlife and nature, and taking long walks. She also treasures time spent with her family and friends and has a passion for music, playing the Caixa in her samba band.

Isabel Mills

Asher Holby

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, BSc

Asher has a BSc Hons in Integrated Wildlife Conservation from the University of the West of England, where he developed his interest in the environment, sustainability, and biodiversity. He is passionate about conservation and sustainability and uses the skills gained from his degree and work experience to work as a SHIFT Assessor and actively make a difference in protecting the environment.

Asher has produced reports on the use of Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) and Geographical Information systems (GIS) technology to accurately survey vegetation, as well as the use of Landsat data and GIS to assess impacts of flooding scenarios on wildlife and people.

Alongside his studies, Asher worked for three years at Westbury Wildlife Park Foundation as a volunteer. This charity provides a community green space which also helps to preserve and protect local flora and fauna and promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Having been derelict for the previous 30 years, this project mainly involved leading groups of volunteers in restorative work such as habitat creation, species surveys and community outreach. His contribution to the park is ongoing and he continues to carry out survey work to contribute to the long-term species data within the park.

Asher loves the outdoors and is a keen surfer, windsurfer, and scuba diver. He loves to be in, on or near to the ocean and long walks with his partner Matilda and their rescue greyhound, Dorothy.

Isabel Mills

Tom Simpson

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, AIEMA

At SHIFT Tom delivers SECR and other carbon and environmental reports and he has over ten years’ experience in the social housing sector.  Previously Tom was a service development manager responsible for strategic commissioning within a local authority housing department. He has also had roles with responsibility for business improvement, value for money, stakeholder engagement and consultation within supported and sheltered housing, asset and tenancy management, and private sector housing services.

Passionate about sustainability, he has combined his housing career with environmental studies, qualifying so far with a BTEC in ‘Environmental Protection’ and completing units in ‘Technology for a Sustainable Future’ and ‘Environment: Change, Contest and Response’ as part of his Open University diploma. Tom is an Associate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Tom is particularly interested in biodiversity and has completed many practical and research volunteer projects for The Wildlife Trust and been involved in a number of community participation activities promoting engagement with the local environment. He is a SCUBA diver and has studied and worked on marine conservation projects in his spare time.

Isabel Mills

Steve Bullock

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, GradIEMA 

Steve has a BSc Hons in Environmental Science from The Open University, an achievement which was driven by his passion for sustainability and biodiversity.

Steve has produced research reports covering the causes, effects and potential solutions associated with climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainable food production. Using climate models has made him fully aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions. Steve has 20 years of experience working in the construction sector, project managing and client liaison.

In his spare time, Steve has a passion for the outdoors, walking the countryside by volunteering as a walk leader for the local walking festival or with his family and dogs. He also loves off road cycling and surfing.

Steve is working towards his professional qualifications with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Isabel Mills

Rob Sumner

SHIFT Environmental Assessor, BA, GradIEMA 

Rob has a BA Hons in Environmental Studies, a subject he developed an interest in after years spent working outdoors.

Rob has produced research reports on wood-pasture management and legislation, as well as consumer attitudes and behaviours towards sustainable diets and food shopping in Romania, where he lived for two and a half years with his partner Roxy. Through these reports, Rob has developed his data collection, analysis and report writing skills.

Whilst living there, Rob spent time volunteering on a couple of family-run, organic farms through WWOOF. These farms are committed to lessening their impact on the local and wider environment, as well as promoting the wide-ranging social and environmental benefits associated with supporting local farmers and consuming their produce. He spent his time there helping with the daily running of the farm, whilst also deepening his understanding of organic food production.

In his spare time Rob loves to spend time going camping and taking long walks with his partner and their dog, Sasha. He also enjoys playing sports, particularly football, badminton and squash.

Eoin McQuone


Corporate Partnership Programme

At SHIFT we are proud to be an IEMA corporate member. This means we have joined IEMA’s mission to transform the world to sustainability. Leading organisations such as the Environment Agency, Siemens, Skanska, Network Rail, and Rolls Royce have partnered with IEMA and developed their workforces’ productivity, resilience and growth against a backdrop of numerous sustainability and climate threats, which underpins the success of their organisation.

Within the partnership, we are able to gain support, skills and resources that help us become a forward-thinking, sustainable and competitive business. We share knowledge, learn and lead on all things environment and sustainability related, driving policy change, guidance, frameworks, and professional standards.

See our listing here.

Eoin McQuone

National Housing Federation

Sector Supplier

We are a National Housing Federation sector supplier. A reputable commercial partner who has expertise within the social housing space.

Our vision

Our vision is to use environmental reporting to pave the way to a sustainable future. Imagine warm buildings that are inexpensive to run, surrounded by luscious biodiverse greenery and resilient to the adverse effects of climate change. The buildings are made from responsibly sourced materials and any waste is reduced and dealt with sustainably. Everyone in these buildings will enjoy being inside and outside and be safe in the knowledge that they are making their contribution to a sustainable world.

If you would like to be part of this future, please be in touch with your query. The SHIFT team are professional environmentalists and have a vast range of experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

“We are so pleased with our SHIFT 2023 and Granular CO2 reports, Steve really helped us gather our data using the SHIFT templates. The SHIFT office visit was a great touch, it added value to the report, and it was great to meet in person to discuss the SHIFT process.”

Wendy Malone - Group Director of Property, Calico Homes. January 2024

‘’Richard and his team were helpful and efficient in supporting us with our clients ESOS compliance and worked well in partnership with our approach.’’

Connie Heathfield - Sustainability Consultant, JRP Solutions. December 2023

‘‘Falcon Green commissioned SHIFT Environment to undertake Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) on our business. It is the first year Falcon Green has been required to do this, and we have been impressed with Asher and the SHIFT team for their guiding expertise and attention to detail. It has provided a valuable report which has provided us with a baseline for future reporting.’’

Vikash Senghani - Finance Director, Falcon Green. December 2023

“We are extremely proud that St Leger continues to achieve SHIFT Gold, whilst striving to improve the quality of our sustainability data. Our assessor, Annie was supportive throughout the assessment”

Lee Hunter - Environmental and Sustainability Manager, St Leger Homes. November 2023

“Our SHIFT report is a key part of our sustainability strategy. Its unique benchmarking allows us to identify where we are doing well as an organisation, and more importantly, where we can improve.’’

Gavin Roberts - Head of Environmental Sustainability and Decarbonisation, Halton Housing. November 2023

“It was great to have Richard’s contribution to our Beyond Green event. It was such a novel way to explain the impact of climate change on our long-term wellbeing. And the happiness approach was an insightful and useful way forward.”

Andrew Mawson - Owner, Advanced Workplace Associates Ltd. October 2023

‘’Worthing Homes commissioned SHIFT Environment to undertake Post Occupancy Evaluation for one of our new build developments. We have been impressed with the SHIFT team for their expertise and attention to detail. It has provided a valuable report which will enable us to ensure our building developments meet the desired design intentions. We look forward to working with SHIFT again to produce our 2023 SHIFT report.’'

Sam Bailey – Sustainability Officer, Worthing Homes. October 2023

‘‘SHIFT provided excellent support throughout the reporting process and ensured that the report was produced on time. Highly recommend.’’

Mark Jones - Capital Investment Manager, MSV. October 2023

“We have worked with SHIFT for a number of years. Richard and Steve have been a fantastic support in shaping our net zero & sustainability strategy. We have identified key areas to improve across a broad scope of our activities, including in planning to achieve our corporate target of EPC C by 2030.”

Jonny Mobbs - Head of Sustainability, Midland Heart. September 2023

“The SHIFT report has been a key part of mapping our journey towards a Net Zero organisation – each year we look forward to sharing the report with our Response to Climate Change Project Team. Our SHIFT 2023 assessor, Annie, was very helpful in guiding us through the process and answering all of our questions.”

Kari Best - Strategy & Insight Manager, Karbon Homes. September 2023

‘‘We are excited to have achieved Silver on our first SHIFT report, and the assessment process has been very useful for Ongo in identifying areas for improvement. In particular, it will help us to develop our environmental strategy with measurable targets that we can benchmark progress against.’’

Karen Cowan - Head of Governance & Corporate, Ongo Homes. August 2023

“The SHIFT report has improved our understanding of the data we record and our environmental performance. The report will inform the parameters of our surveys to better capture information such as water efficiency features in the future.”

Jason MacCormick - Director of Sustainability, Saffron Housing. July 2023

“Tom worked closely with us to identify and collate our data in order to produce a carbon baseline for our assets and operations, highlighting the areas of our business that are responsible for the most carbon emissions and recommending clear sustainability improvements to enable the prioritisation of future decarbonisation activity.”

Natalie Baxter - Head of Building Safety Compliance, Community Housing. May 2023