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Globally, buildings have a major impact upon the environment through their carbon dioxide emissions, and use of energy, water and resources. Plus we’re all now spending 90% of our time indoors, on average, due to work, travel and home life.

The case for creating people and planet-friendly buildings has never been clearer.

However, building owners, managers and landlords aren’t sustainability experts and, given the range of issues that need to be addressed, it’s understandable they may think ‘Where do I start?’.

At SHIFT, we understand this feeling which is why we’ve channelled 15-years of experience into creating unique audit and accreditation systems. This provides our clients with an easy-to-understand, practical roadmap outlining how to turn their existing building stock into a sustainable resource which saves money, improves efficiency and meets regulations. This enables clients to effectively plan work and financial budgets, all the way to 2050 if required.

 Our services

We take pride in the fact that our experience and independence means we offer unbiased and reliable advice. You can have confidence knowing our roadmap is in the best interest of your company, your clients and the planet when you present it to management and boards of directors.

The SHIFT approach is offered as the following services:

SHIFT Sustainability Standard

Specifically for social landlords, we’ve created bespoke tools and calculators for our SHIFT sustainability standard. This enables our expert team to assess the full environmental impact of your activities and deliver a bespoke action plan for embedding sustainability.

SECR Reporting

We convert your raw data into energy and carbon dioxide emissions – scope 1, 2 and 3 – and produce a statement report in the correct format to meet your building stock’s Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) legal requirements.

ESG Reporting

The SHIFT approach aligns with the ‘environmental’ part of the current iteration of the Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) reporting, showing how the building stock adheres to ESG expectations.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation

For both new-build and refurbishments, SHIFT can monitor energy, water use plus a range of other environmental features, analysing how practical operation meets design intent.

Net Zero Carbon Roadmaps

We put your operational carbon dioxide emissions under the microscope and produce a detailed road map outlining the measures necessary to achieve 2050 Net Zero compliance.

“We are so pleased with our SHIFT 2023 and Granular CO2 reports, Steve really helped us gather our data using the SHIFT templates. The SHIFT office visit was a great touch, it added value to the report, and it was great to meet in person to discuss the SHIFT process.”

Wendy Malone - Group Director of Property, Calico Homes. January 2024

‘’Richard and his team were helpful and efficient in supporting us with our clients ESOS compliance and worked well in partnership with our approach.’’

Connie Heathfield - Sustainability Consultant, JRP Solutions. December 2023

‘‘Falcon Green commissioned SHIFT Environment to undertake Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) on our business. It is the first year Falcon Green has been required to do this, and we have been impressed with Asher and the SHIFT team for their guiding expertise and attention to detail. It has provided a valuable report which has provided us with a baseline for future reporting.’’

Vikash Senghani - Finance Director, Falcon Green. December 2023

“We are extremely proud that St Leger continues to achieve SHIFT Gold, whilst striving to improve the quality of our sustainability data. Our assessor, Annie was supportive throughout the assessment”

Lee Hunter - Environmental and Sustainability Manager, St Leger Homes. November 2023

“Our SHIFT report is a key part of our sustainability strategy. Its unique benchmarking allows us to identify where we are doing well as an organisation, and more importantly, where we can improve.’’

Gavin Roberts - Head of Environmental Sustainability and Decarbonisation, Halton Housing. November 2023

“It was great to have Richard’s contribution to our Beyond Green event. It was such a novel way to explain the impact of climate change on our long-term wellbeing. And the happiness approach was an insightful and useful way forward.”

Andrew Mawson - Owner, Advanced Workplace Associates Ltd. October 2023

‘’Worthing Homes commissioned SHIFT Environment to undertake Post Occupancy Evaluation for one of our new build developments. We have been impressed with the SHIFT team for their expertise and attention to detail. It has provided a valuable report which will enable us to ensure our building developments meet the desired design intentions. We look forward to working with SHIFT again to produce our 2023 SHIFT report.’'

Sam Bailey – Sustainability Officer, Worthing Homes. October 2023

‘‘SHIFT provided excellent support throughout the reporting process and ensured that the report was produced on time. Highly recommend.’’

Mark Jones - Capital Investment Manager, MSV. October 2023

“We have worked with SHIFT for a number of years. Richard and Steve have been a fantastic support in shaping our net zero & sustainability strategy. We have identified key areas to improve across a broad scope of our activities, including in planning to achieve our corporate target of EPC C by 2030.”

Jonny Mobbs - Head of Sustainability, Midland Heart. September 2023

“The SHIFT report has been a key part of mapping our journey towards a Net Zero organisation – each year we look forward to sharing the report with our Response to Climate Change Project Team. Our SHIFT 2023 assessor, Annie, was very helpful in guiding us through the process and answering all of our questions.”

Kari Best - Strategy & Insight Manager, Karbon Homes. September 2023

‘‘We are excited to have achieved Silver on our first SHIFT report, and the assessment process has been very useful for Ongo in identifying areas for improvement. In particular, it will help us to develop our environmental strategy with measurable targets that we can benchmark progress against.’’

Karen Cowan - Head of Governance & Corporate, Ongo Homes. August 2023

“The SHIFT report has improved our understanding of the data we record and our environmental performance. The report will inform the parameters of our surveys to better capture information such as water efficiency features in the future.”

Jason MacCormick - Director of Sustainability, Saffron Housing. July 2023

“Tom worked closely with us to identify and collate our data in order to produce a carbon baseline for our assets and operations, highlighting the areas of our business that are responsible for the most carbon emissions and recommending clear sustainability improvements to enable the prioritisation of future decarbonisation activity.”

Natalie Baxter - Head of Building Safety Compliance, Community Housing. May 2023