Oct 20, 2022

RdSAP awareness training

Many residential building owners will be familiar already with RdSAP software, but what are the calculations behind it? SHIFT’s popular “RdSAP awareness training” is ideal for those who want to understand these calculations that underpin the SAP/EPC rating. Many professionals are familiar with the assessor software but are surprised at some of the outcomes – this course will take away the mystery!

What we cover:

  1. A brief overview of the heat balance concept behind RdSAP calculations.
  2. Next, we work through a workbook to calculate a rating by hand. This makes up the bulk of the training where you will take familiar input data (floor area, build date, etc) to derive the SAP using a pen and calculator. We will cover hot water use, air leakage, thermal losses, heating system efficiency and renewable energy sources.
  3. Review of an EPC certificate (attendees will be asked to bring their own).
  4. Likely updates to SAP 10.
  5. An overview of the UK’s net zero pathway and how the current version of SAP fits in with this.
  6. Managing EPC data for social landlords, including stock EPC analysis and work package design.
  7. Other environmental issues.

Course delivery:

  • The course is suited to in-house delivery as this allows best interactivity, however it can also be offered online.
  • Up to 12 delegates.
  • Everyone will need a calculator (preferably not on a phone), pen and a printed 5-page workbook (we will send you the PDF).
  • The course is approximately 3 hours.
  • At a time and date to be agreed with you.

Recent feedback from courses:

“I really enjoyed the training session. Richard explained the methodology behind RdSAP very clearly and I feel like I understand the concept much more as a result.”

“The RdSAP training was really informative and SHIFT made the calculations easy to follow, I definitely feel like I now understand the methodology and background calculations of RdSAP more clearly.”

“Thank you for a very useful session, it has hugely increased my knowledge of the SAP methodology so that I am able to both understand the calculations and see the actual practical impact of energy efficiency measures.”

Please contact us if you are interested in this training or have any questions or specific requirements. We can help you improve your understanding, bust some of the myths surrounding SAP and inform your design of energy efficiency retrofit programmes for the future.

Image by Aaron Lefler on Unsplash


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