Aug 23, 2023

Sustainable procurement event – how to engage the supply chain

Following lots of requests from our client base, we have seen that there is a clear and necessary desire to engage the supply chain in a meaningful way. This makes sense, as the supply chain can have massive impacts on carbon footprints and responsible sourcing of materials. In our early work, most suppliers claim 100% responsibly sourced materials but very few can substantiate that figure. Coupled with that, there are numerous reports of abuse in the supply chain [1], [2].

Consequently we have many clients that want to establish a “standard” way of engaging suppliers and subcontractors on their sustainability. To this end, we have organised a Teams event on 3rd October from 10am-12 noon. The aim is to agree some standard supply chain survey questions on carbon emissions, waste and responsible materials. Given that we are working with over 60 large social landlords in the UK, we think this approach will have an impact.

This event is free and only for procurement staff in social housing.


1. Brief introductions

2. SHIFT presents the current supply chain survey questions (as used in SHIFT assessments). These are:

a) Supplier scope 1 and 2 emissions, plus embodied CO2 emissions for materials supplied – attributable to landlord

b) Supplier waste recycling rate and quantity generated in the course of work for the landlord

c) Responsible materials – no rigid framework yet established but we’d expect to see a meaningful metric that reflects that materials supplied have been gained from the earth’s crust with no adverse impact on humans or the environment

3. Discuss pros and cons of our approach

4. Agree on any changes

This won’t be the end of it we suspect, and we may all want to reconvene sometime after participants have had a chance to try this approach out.

To take part, please email [email protected] – please book early as places are limited.

The findings of the event will be published as a guide.



Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash


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