Jun 21, 2023

“Happiness by numbers” – book launch event success

It was great to see so many people and from such a variety of backgrounds at the event to celebrate the launch of the book “Happiness by numbers”.  Part of this variety would surely be because everyone wants to be happy, don’t they?  On top of that, in the commercial sector, there is an emerging megatrend to improve human wellbeing and protect the environment.  The big issue is there is no single, science-based metric that incorporates wellbeing and environment protection.  Given that you can only manage what you measure, that is what the book and the event was all about.

Author Richard Lupo, presented the case that a) wellbeing (aka happiness) is a scientifically measurable concept, b) environmental protection is crucial for individual’s and society’s long-term wellbeing and c) it is possible to combine wellbeing and environment into a single science-based metric that organisations can use to manage their way to 100% happiness, levelling up, placemaking, ESG, SDG’s etc.  And on top of that attendees also got their own individual roadmap to 100% wellbeing – what a reward for coming to the event!

Here’s what attendees kindly said:

“It was a very enjoyable and informative evening that gave a fascinating insight to Richard’s book, which I am looking forward to reading once I can prize it away from other members of my family.”  Andrew Royall, Director of Development , Hightown Housing Association

“It was great to see Richard Lupo talk about Happiness by Numbers at his book launch last week. What a lovely evening! Brilliant to see the queue of eager book buyers! Lovely to meet you all and enjoy this unique and fascinating read!”  Sue Richardson, Publishing Director, The Right Book Company

“A hugely insightful, engaging and energising talk about a vital and much needed book. For too long, transitioning towards a sustainable future has been portrayed as a heavy and oppressive burden. Richard Lupo eloquently and robustly made the case for why a move towards a Net Zero world will mean a get plus for human happiness. In short, no person is an island. By enhancing the planet’s long-term prospects, we will all be buoyed up together.”  Karl Smith, REF Coordinator and Research Impact Manager at London South Bank University

Thanks to:

St Gobain for hosting the event at their Build Beter Centre – appropriately the place showcases their “Multi Comfort Concept” approach. [1]

Gloucester Brewery – for providing delicious and ethical beers and wines for the event [2]

Want to know more about the book?

If you are looking to develop a cohesive wellbeing and environmental protection strategy for your organisation, please be in touch.


[1] https://multicomfort.saint-gobain.co.uk/

[2]  www.gloucesterbrewery.co.uk


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