Jun 13, 2019

Funding for heat pump monitoring

Suss Housing has received this message from PassivSystems. Please note, this is not necessarily an endorsement from Suss Housing, we are merely highlighting a funding opportunity.

PassivSystems are delighted to announce the launch of their new heat pump monitoring with MMSP –GSM service. A fully funded monitoring package for Air Source Heat Pumps.

What is MMSP?

The Metering and Monitoring Service Package works like a service contract between applicant and installer and provides data that they can use to make sure the heating system is performing as efficiently as possible, or spot issues early.

Applicants are paid up to £1610 over the 7 years of their RHI contract to cover the cost of installing and operating the package.

The Ofgem compliant MMSP GSM solution is the latest addition to Passiv’s existing MMSP product range (which includes MMSP Broadband and MMSP plus heat pump control)

• MMSP GSM solution is unique and first to market and is ideal for registered social landlords (RSLs) as it removes the reliance on a broadband connection

• PassivPro’s award winning portal offers remote portfolio management and the product has a built in connection centre which simplifies installation

• Successful applicants of MMSP are paid up to an additional £1610 over the 7 years of their RHI contract to cover the cost of installing and operating the package

The solution will bring significant benefits to RSLs as they will no longer be reliant on the tenant’s broadband service ensuring continued connectivity without the need to worry if the tenants change their broadband supplier, if there is a change in tenancy or the tenants don’t/can’t have a broadband service.

RSLs can use this fully funded monitoring package to ensure their tenants are using their new air source heat pumps correctly and in the most efficient manner:

• The service automatically flags homes in the portal where heat pumps are performing inefficiently due to incorrect usage or system problems. This ability to remotely diagnose will help landlords and installation engineers to quickly and easily identify sites with potential problems and respond accordingly. This can lead to fewer site visits and less tenant or homeowner disruption.

• Access to the data enables social landlords to calculate exactly how much tenants are spending to heat their homes and to produce hot water.

o This information is invaluable for sites with tenants concerned about the running costs of their new heating systems and to ensure that fuel bills are not negatively impacted by the new heating systems.

o The system records internal temperatures and so can also be used to help identify tenants who are struggling to heat their homes to a comfortable temperature and therefore highlight those in fuel poverty.

• Automatic meter readings remove the requirement for site visits and reduce overall management costs.

The Heat pump monitoring with MMSP –GSM service uses an inbuilt mobile data SIM card to send the data to the PassivLiving and PassivPro web portals. The metering equipment is built into a metal clad connection centre, complete with isolator and MCBs to speed up the installation process. The award winning PassivPro portal displays:

-Total electricity consumption of the heat pump – Internal and external air temperatures
-Electricity consumption of the immersion heater -Coefficient of Performance (COP)
-Heat generated by the heat pump

Contact PassivSystems for more details of the service on 01635 525050 or [email protected]


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