“The Committee on Climate Change supports the SHIFT environmental accreditation scheme for social housing.  It’s work on environmental reporting really highlights crucial environmental issues, such as adaptation to climate change.  And importantly SHIFT drives change for a better housing stock.” Kathryn Brown, Head of Adaptation, Committee on Climate Change



“Good Homes Alliance recognises the value of SHIFT.  As well as leading to improved sustainability in new build homes, it will also lead to cost savings for SHIFT landlords.  Richard and the Suss Housing team have our full support.”  Julian Brooks, Network & Programme Manager



“SuperHomes is very pleased to support Suss Housing Ltd in delivering SHIFT environmental accreditation to social landlords.  We know SHIFT has driven improvements in raising the standards of existing homes which is our core focus.”  Paul Ciniglio, Housing Refurbishment Network Programme Director



“As the outgoing board of Sustainable Homes Ltd, the company that launched and delivered SHIFT, we know that SHIFT has driven substantial environmental improvements for landlords. This has, in turn, led to significantly better homes and cost savings for tenants as well as landlords.

We are delighted that Suss Housing Ltd will now continue the important work of delivering and growing the SHIFT environmental accreditation for social landlords.”  Clare Hierons, Non-Executive Director, Sustainable Homes.