Dec 16, 2020

UK Happiness and Wellbeing Statistics – December 2020 Update

Average long term UK personal wellbeing has increased to 86.16% compared to 84.58% when we monitored it 5 months ago. But there are some data caveats:

  • As seen in the June 2020 update, air quality has not improved as dramatically due to lockdown as expected and as the year has progressed there have been more poor air quality days recorded than earlier in the year.
  • Data collected on national wellbeing from March – June 2020 has been assessed and whilst the data suggests more people are finding life satisfying and worthwhile there has been a noticeable decrease in social happiness which is certainly one of the negative impacts of the events we’ve experienced year.
  • Recent updates water use and crime display a positive picture. Water usage per day has reduced in domestic settings despite much of the population working from home. Crime recorded has also dropped compared to previous yearly figures.



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