Feb 10, 2022

SHIFT – the client experience when producing an environmental report with us

A whole range of social landlords, investors and other stakeholders love our environmental reporting.  They use the data to build meaningful strategies, produce ESG reports, various compliance reports and monitor progress towards a sustainable housing stock and operations.  But what’s the client experience?  We give an overview below together with some recent testimonials.

The process
  1. Kick off
    • Assign our professionally qualified environmental assessor
    • Give you access to the SHIFT portal
    • Guide you to getting the primary data we need
  2. Client data collection
    • Don’t worry – we focus on data that you are most likely to have
    • We have built methodologies which work with your typical data
  3. First review with your assessor
    • Sense check on data
    • Verify outlying data points
    • Audit trail established via the portal
  4. Data clarification
    • Resolve data discrepancies
  5. SHIFT report
    • Full environmental report following Government guidelines
    • CO2, climate resilience (flood, heatwave, water), biodiversity, waste, responsibly sourced materials
    • Existing homes, new build, supply chain, operations
    • SHIFT ranking and logo – it’s not the point of SHIFT, but it serves useful purposes
What clients get
  • “Calculator tools” bespoke to social housing sector
  • Environmental kpi’s and science-based targets
  • Annual environmental assessment and report
  • Benchmarking with peers
  • Aligns with SECR and ESG reporting
  • Gap analysis and recommendations – allows easy strategy development
  • Unique bronze, silver, gold and platinum rating embeds sustainability in your organisation
  • “Social” section on the SHIFT portal
  • Logos – demonstrate to stakeholders and/or potential clients
  • Retained assessor
  • Access to SHIFT network


What clients say

“The analysis that SHIFT provides is very valuable for quantifying Eildon’s environmental impact and how to reduce this going forward. SHIFT targets and recommendations will inform our sustainability strategy which will be signed-off by our Board and delivery of the strategy monitored by our Executive Team”

– James Renwick, Development Officer

“The results from our SHIFT assessment are a real fillip for developing our sustainability strategy and getting board approval.”

– Asset Strategy Manager, St Leger Homes

“Izzy is providing some great environmental support to me and my team whilst I continue to have one of my senior managers off work. Izzy has a great style / manner and is both knowledgeable and practical in her approach. I am really grateful for her support ahead of Halton’s next SHIFT assessment.”

– Scott Murray, Director of Homes

“Torus is pleased to have completed its first full environmental assessment across the whole organisation since our merger in 2019 and to have achieved SHIFT Silver for our performance. The SHIFT assessment has assisted Torus in a multitude of areas including the development of our environmental strategy, quantifying our current environmental footprint, establishing a baseline to inform our future targets and providing relevant metrics for our ESG reporting. Sam, our assessor, was extremely helpful in conducting the SHIFT assessment through his guidance, information and data management.”

– Ronnie Clawson, Group Business Assurance Director

“We would definitely recommend SHIFT to other organisations, especially if they are starting their sustainable journey. Everything is well laid out and the portal is easy to use. It is also great to have a single point of contact for your assessment.”

– Broadland Housing

“Network Homes have gained a valuable understanding of our environmental performance through our annual SHIFT assessments and we are really pleased to see our performance progressing each year. The recommendations in the SHIFT report are fundamental to contribute towards this improvement.”

– Research and Policy Analyst, Network Homes

“Newport City Homes has enjoyed working with SHIFT to undertake a carbon baseline for the association’s activities and develop our strategic commitment to environmental sustainability. The work completed with SHIFT has been instrumental in building our understanding of the current position, creating a comprehensive set of targeted actions and improving our ability to measure progress and impact. Richard and Sam also contributed to our colleague engagement sessions which brought about passionate and considered conversations which ensured our actions have been influenced by colleagues from across the association.”

– Nathan Price, Strategy and Risk Business Partner

“Our SHIFT accreditation recognises our work to keep homes energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. Izzy, our assessor, is a pleasure to work with – she makes the process of data collation and submission very straightforward”

– Environment and sustainability specialist, Bernicia Homes

“Optivo’s annual SHIFT assessment helps us to continually measure performance and make improvements towards our Sustainability Strategy and environmental agenda, as well as improving the quality and confidence in our data. The additional support from our assessor is a great help, particularly where internal roles have changed.”

– Sustainability Reporting Manager, Optivo

Next steps

If you too would like to full or even part SHIFT, please be in touch and let’s have a chat.


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