Apr 25, 2022

SECR Reporting – SHIFT roundtable session

This roundtable session took place on the 21st March 2022, and included social landlords representing over 60,000 UK homes. The key points of discussion were:

  • Reporting guidelines
  • Data requirements
  • Benefits of SECR reporting

What is SECR

SECR stands for Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, and is implemented in the 2018 Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships regulations. It requires companies in a certain criteria to report their annual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. For comprehensive guidance see: Environmental Reporting Guidelines.

SHIFT SECR methodology

Here at SHIFT, we have successfully calculated and written SECR statements for many clients. We transform your raw data using the most up to date official Defra conversion factors. Where Defra conversion factors are not available, we use SHIFT conversion factors most suited to social landlords. We also have data most relevant to social landlords where raw data is unable to be collected. Once data analysis is complete, we will provide a written report in the correct SECR format.

For further information on the roundtable discussion, and to find out more on what SECR means for social landlords, please visit our publications page to access and download the full summary.

If you would like SHIFT to provide and SECR report for your organisation, please contact us.


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