Mar 28, 2022

Net Zero carbon roadmap – SHIFT roundtable session

This SHIFT roundtable session took place on the 15th March 2022 and included social landlords representing tens of thousands of UK homes. The summary focuses primarily on points raised during the roundtable discussion. A more comprehensive guide to decarbonisation can be found here.

The key points of discussion were:

  • Emerging Government net zero pathways
  • Definitions of net zero
  • Key dates and milestones
  • Costs – data – monitoring progress


SHIFT Net Zero roadmap methodology

At SHIFT we provide net zero road mapping services using bespoke carbon calculation tools. This includes:

  • Calculation of your baseline performance
  • Provision of interim targets
  • Monitoring progress: update road map accordingly with data from SHIFT assessments
  • Identification of target areas for emissions reduction


Net Zero targets and definitions

What is a Net Zero housing stock? There is currently no formal definition. However, the broad pathway is:

  • All current homes brought up to EPC C (i.e. well insulated)
  • Switching to electric heating
  • Grid decarbonised to net zero
  • All new homes to be net zero

At SHIFT we estimate a net zero housing stock to have an average SAP of 85 by 2050

For further information on the discussion, please visit our publications page to access and download the full review

If you would like help with your organisations Net Zero carbon roadmap, please contact us.


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