Dec 15, 2021

Hands on in Swindon – practical retrofit

It’s great to have a strategic knowledge of how to get a sustainable housing stock.  At SHIFT we’re also keen to keep up to date with the practical side of retrofit.  How big is a heat pump?  Where does the ducting on MVHR go?  How thick is internal wall insulation?

So we made sure that part of our Christmas social was a visit to the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon – we know how to have fun!

Here’s some snaps from the visit.

The SHIFT team admiring some integrated solar PV tiles.

Wall and roof action

An EV, but maybe not suitable for everyone!

Some really sustainable wall insulation.

Either we’re incredibly strong or these hempcrete blocks are lightweight as well as sustainable.

A nice bit of heat recovery pipework.

We can’t remember what was sustainable about these doors, but it’s a nice picture anyway!

If you want to make plans for making your homes and buildings sustainable, please get in touch with the “hands on” team.


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